• Cast: 8
    Genre: Supernatural Comedy
    (Two Acts, 110 mins.) After neglecting to leave the ghost light on during an ill-conceived production of Julius Caesar, a loafing theater director with no prospects named Irwin must take the first real risk of his career when the ghost of William Shakespeare arrives to haunt his rehearsals.

  • (One Act, 90 mins.) Annie, a struggling actress, Victorian-era film addict and recent New York City transplant, is having trouble adjusting to the mean streets until she summons a “fallen” genie named Jinn who must help her as part of a cosmic rehabilitation program in this romantic comedy with a magical twist.

  • (One Act, 80 mins.) A trio of actors wake to find themselves chained up in the basement of a psychopathic playwright. Being forced to perform their kidnapper’s magnum opus — a five hour-long film noir play — they must put on the performance of their lives… for their lives.

  • (Two Acts, 110 mins.) An average Joe from Ohio takes a Caribbean cruise to escape his depressing life only to discover that he is cosmically linked to King Poseidon of the seas through the dream realm. Bill’s inner turmoil stirs and awakens the long-dormant god’s power, putting everyone on board in peril.

  • (One Act, 85 mins.) Follow the bizarre and sordid escapades of Coach Henry Weeks, the biggest loser of his local high school football division, as he struggles to find a win somewhere, anywhere in his life the week before his big retirement game.

  • (One Act, 90 mins.) Upon being deported from France to start her new life as a French teacher in Buffalo, NY, expatriate Fran gets on the bad side of a student who is also a US Congresswoman’s daughter, endangering the entire school. Scandal, intrigue, improper bodily searches, and damned lies — just an average day at Buffalo Heights High.

  • (One Act, 70 mins.) Follow a lovelorn ornithologist named Archie as he uses bird behavior to deconstruct his ill-fated romance with Emma, a struggling artist. Zoology intertwines with memories of summer love in this heartfelt story about knowing when to fly away.